Let’s be honest, school can sometimes require hectic mental aerobics and if you’re not fuelling your body with the right foods, you’ll likely find yourself burnt out. We can’t risk this happening, so we’re giving you a list of 7 brain foods that’ll get you through this school year.


Eggs are a more affordable source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help with blood clotting and cell growth. Furthermore, eggs contain a nutrient called choline, which the brain converts and uses to arrange and store memories. Studies have also found that old-aged people who consume an egg a day are less likely to develop mental issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Although it’s not always the tastiest of leaves, spinach really is a super food. It’s high in magnesium, which is great for both nerve and muscle tissue. But it’s not just good for your muscles, it also helps you remember things better - pack your diet with magnesium, found mostly in green, leafy veggies (like spinach) and you’ll have very little trouble memorising those History notes.


Your brain is made up of lots of stuff, and one of them is omega-3 fatty acids. The kind of Omega3 acid found in fish happens to be responsible for brain cell development from an early age, and since you are constantly growing, adding fish to your diet to strengthen brain cells is a good idea. While certain types of seafood may be a bit pricey, sardines, hake and canned tuna are a great (and affordable) place to start.


Yum! It’s good to know that our favourite food doesn’t just taste amazing, but it’s also good for you. Not only is it filling, it’s rich in carbohydrates which ensure a slow release of energy throughout your day. Paired with the right foods, pasta can be a great alternative to grains like rice and bread.


Yes, you read right - dark chocolate is a healthy snack. With antioxidants (disease fighting agents), cholesterol control elements and nutrients assisting in heart rate and blood flow, dark chocolate has fantastic health benefits for you. We can’t say the same about milk chocolate though, so make sure you keep it dark and unsweetened.

There you have it, 7 healthy foods that will help you stay energised and school-ready all year round. While these can be considered super foods, it’s important to remember that the benefits of a good diet don’t necessarily apply overnight. So, start early and you’ll thank yourself at the end of those final exams.

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