Virtual interviews are different from physical ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out in them. Here are 5 tips to help you make the best first impression and wow your interviewer online.

Do a test run

Do a test run the day before your interview. This will help you iron out any potential issues you may run into. To do your test run, install or sign up to the video call service you’ll be using (Google Meets, Skype, Zoom etc.) and ask a friend if you could call them for a quick test call.

If you don’t have anyone to assist with this, many platforms allow you to create a new call which you can just be in by yourself. This will help you get familiar with a video platform, especially if you’ve never used it before.

Don’t let tech trip you up

If you’re using wi-fi, moving closer to your router would be a good idea. If you’re using data, make sure you have enough for the call, and move to the space where your signal is best.

Check your load shedding schedule to make sure it won’t hit during your call. If it does, explain the situation to the interviewer and ask them to re-schedule.

Listen carefully to any instructions your interviewer may give you, such as muting your microphone for example.

Finally, remember that technical difficulties can always happen on the day, so if they do, stay calm, contact the interviewer via an alternative source (such as by email or phone call) and either re-schedule, or attempt to re-connect. Technical glitches aren’t your fault, however, it’s your responsibility to communicate quickly and clearly if something does go wrong.

Be online early

Be ready to go at least 15 minutes before your interview. This will ensure that you aren’t flustered, should something go wrong. Whether your internet suddenly disconnects, or you’re struggling to enter the call, realising any issues before your set interview time will help you fix them or re-schedule, without inconveniencing your interviewer.

Speak clearly and steadily

Speaking to someone virtually is a bit different from doing it face-to-face. Speaking too quickly can get overwhelming for your listener, especially if there’s a delay in the internet connection. While speaking, make sure that the interviewer can hear you. If they can’t, check your microphone settings and try again.

Look and feel good

Even though your call is virtual, it’s still important to look professional and be well-groomed when doing your interview. This will make you look and feel confident and prepared.

Find a space where you have enough light facing you (either sunlight or a lamp). This will help your interviewer see you clearly, and make you look more professional.

Don’t forget that your interviewer will see your facial expressions and body language on video, so remember to smile, nod and use other body language cues as you would in a physical interview.

Virtual interviews may seem scary if you’ve never done one before, but as long as you’re prepared and professional, you’ll nail it. Don’t forget to research the company and brush up on your knowledge before the big day. You can also prepare for a few common interview questions by reading this article. Good luck!

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