There are many reasons why you'd want to support your local female-owned businesses, but what are some of the best ways to do it? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Spread the word

Your suggestions for products and services can really help female-owned businesses flourish. Whether you’re recommending them to your friends and family in person, or to neighbours and your network online, be sure to put in a good word about her business if you’d like to support a female entrepreneur.

Support them online

Small businesses sometimes struggle to gain an online following, due to having limited time and budget to advertise themselves online. A follow and share can really go a long way in boosting their business. Whenever someone is looking for a specific product or service on social media, suggest the female entrepreneurs you know where possible. Finally, be sure to react to and comment on their pages. This helps boost something called “engagement”, which helps them get more visibility on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Pay the full price

We know that when times are tough, it can be difficult to purchase from smaller businesses. But trust us, small female-owned companies have good reason to charge the rates they do. Being a smaller business often means more costly overhead, and let’s not forget the hard work and skill that goes into the service or products they offer. When supporting such businesses, it’s best to pay the full price and avoid haggling. If you do need a discount, consider offering them something in return such as a product or service you can offer.

Lend a helping hand

Running a business comes with many challenges, and womxn in business face unique challenges such as a lack of funding and support. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to lend them a helping hand. Consider investing some money into a female-owned business you see potential in, or assisting them with a skill you have. Helping them out can be a great way to build connections, improve your portfolio and you’re of course, doing good in the process!

Give constructive feedback

Honest, constructive feedback can help female entrepreneurs really grow their businesses. But it can be hard to get such feedback, since people either want to focus on only the positives, or they criticise unfairly. By sharing your helpful suggestions, you can help womxn in business improve their service, look into potential sources for growth and so much more. Giving good advice costs you nothing, but it can be invaluable to them!

Supporting female-owned businesses is so important for every community, so good on you for taking the first step in doing this! Do you know a female who owns a business? Let her know she can find tons of entrepreneurship tips and resources in our other Entrepreneurship articles.

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