A girl who slays in her lane is a girl who dedicates her focus to succeeding in her own life, instead of concerning herself with what others are doing. Want to learn how you can do this too? Read on to find out!

Focus on yourself, not others

Everyone gossips from time to time, and comparing ourselves to others is unfortunately way too common. But, just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right, nor does it serve us in any way. Shift your focus from others to yourself, dedicate your energy to your own work and passions, and watch as your life improves.

Embrace the positive, forget the negative

We know it can be difficult to move on from negative emotions, but you can’t begin to slay if you’re constantly dwelling on gossip, negativity and grudges. Even if you’ve been hurt by someone, dust yourself off and move on to your brighter, happier future. If you’re surrounded by people who are constantly bringing up drama, re-think who you’re aligning yourself with. You should be too busy focussing on creating a life you’re proud of to even think of negative thoughts.

Use social media wisely

It’s no secret that social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram affect the way we view ourselves as well as others- but there’s no getting away from them. That’s why we need to learn how to use them well. Using social media to check in on what your friends, family and classmates are doing can often lead to comparisons and even judgement- not to mention it’s a waste of time! When using social media, rather use it to gain knowledge which can make you a better person, or use it to promote your brand, business or skill. Also, don’t overshare information about what you’re up to- not everyone has to know your business!

Improve, learn and grow

An important part of growth is admitting when you’ve made a mistake, and moving forward from it by learning a lesson and taking it in stride. In order to succeed in life, you need to take every opportunity you can to improve yourself, whether it be intellectually, emotionally or physically. Focus on doing a little bit better than you did yesterday, and improving for yourself - not for others.

Stay gracious

Being the bigger person is easier said than done, but staying gracious will serve you in the long run. No matter how low someone else may go to try and bring you down, stay firm in your values and take on the bad times with calmness and a smile on your face. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into drama or fights- you’d be surprised at what a difference this makes!

And there you have it - 5 ways to slay in your lane by staying in your lane! Remember that the more you keep your head up and focus on improving yourself, the further you’ll get in achieving your goals. We wish you luck, and we can’t wait to see you slay!

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