Before your first year, you have no idea what the course you’re choosing to study will actually entail, but once you’ve enrolled and started going to class, you may start to feel uncertain about whether what you’re doing really is for you. Here’s how to determine whether or not you’ve picked the right course.

You understand your course

Being able to explain your course to the next person shows that you understand what you’re studying, and you’re probably not struggling with your studies. If you’ve been attending classes, trying to complete assignments and showing up for tests but still have no idea what’s going on, then you might want to reconsider your choice. Of course, this could also mean you haven’t been paying enough attention in class, so it’s important to check yourself before deciding that you’re in the wrong course.

Classes excite you

Going to class isn’t always exciting or fun, but you usually know when you find something interesting. Finding it difficult to focus or stay awake during a specific class could mean that it’s just not the thing for you, or that you need to make some diet and lifestyle changes, so, again, don’t deregister from a course unless you’re absolutely sure that it doesn’t spark any interest in you. You also want to check that the course isn’t necessary for your postgrad or work applications, and if it is, then you might just have to endure it for just a little while.

It’s been your goal

Choosing a course simply because your high school marks accommodate it is not a good enough reason to study it. It’s always best to choose a course because it’s always been what you wanted to do. If you can’t study the course of your choice, rather take some time to upgrade your marks and apply again at a later stage, or find out about any bridging courses that could lead you there.

It challenges you

Yes, you heard right, a course needs to have a certain level of difficulty for you to enjoy it. Nobody likes an easy win all the time, and it’s good to feel rewarded at the end of a test or assignment. While we don’t encourage picking something that just isn’t compatible with your personality, abilities or interests, we do think it’s absolutely necessary to study something that challenges you and helps you do better as you progress.

What drives you

We all choose different courses for different reasons, but two of the most common reasons are passion and money. Although we need money to survive, if you’re passionate about something you end up doing well at it and you’re able to make money from it. When you’re passionate about your course, you’ll naturally be enthusiastic about it and you’ll do your best - a clear indication that you’re on the right track.

The best way to make sure that you’re in the right course is to do some research and find out about other courses, then weigh your options and make an informed decision. You can also take our Career Interest Test to give you an idea of the path to take. Our Study articles and the Ask CellCgirl feature are also available to give you some advice. Good luck!

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