Everyone puts off studying from time to time, but if it’s become a habit you can’t control, it may be time to get a hold of it before it gets worse. Here are 5 ways to avoid study procrastination once and for all.

Believe you can change

Even if procrastination is a habit you’ve developed, it’s important to know that you can change it. You’re not a procrastinator for life, and you don’t need to fall back into your old habits every time you have an assignment to complete or an exam to study for. In order to change, you first need to know and believe that you can.

Make a risk list

Our brains often tell us that procrastination isn’t a big deal, that if we can do it and still pass, then everything is alright. However, procrastinating your studies is a risk you take, and if it goes wrong, you’ll have a bigger problem on your hands. Making a list of what you stand to lose if you procrastinate will remind you that putting off your studies until the last minute just isn’t worth it. Some things to include in your list could be:

Not doing your best in the exam.

Not getting the distinction or mark you’d hoped for. Feeling stressed during the exam and while waiting for your marks. Developing an unhealthy procrastination habit, which will be difficult to change when you’re older.

Set your own due dates

If you struggle to start on a project early because you know the due date is still far away, it’s a good idea to set your own due dates. Think of these as daily or weekly goals you set for yourself. That way, you’ll be motivated to start earlier and break the project down into a few different stages.

Build discipline

Having the self-discipline to not procrastinate isn’t something you’ll magically get overnight. However, you can work on being more disciplined every day and pretty soon, you’ll start to see a difference in how you manage your time.

No more distractions

Distractions can tempt anyone, especially if you’re a master procrastinator. You already know that your phone, digital devices, TV etc. can all distract you from studying, but it’s important to get rid of any other potential distractions too. For example, if you tend to start cleaning your room or doing chores around the house to distract yourself, complete those things before you sit down to study. Completing these tasks will give you a boost of confidence and get you in a productive mood, making you ready to study without distractions.

Procrastination can take a negative toll on your stress levels and your marks. But if you follow these 5 methods, you can avoid procrastinating and thrive in school and beyond.

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