5 university degrees you can do with Maths Lit

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There are a few common misconceptions around doing Mathematical Literacy. One of them is that you can’t get a university degree with the subject. These are the 5 options that you can choose from.

Bachelor of Social Work

This degree equips you with the knowledge and practical tools you need to become a registered social worker. This is a general degree that allows you to work with families, children and individuals. You are able to specialise further by pursuing a Masters degree at the end of your four year undergraduate qualification.

Bachelor of Oral Health Sciences

The oral health sciences programme focuses on educating students about oral hygiene so that they are able to prevent and identify disease and infections linked to it. The degree also focuses on research and marketing aspects of running an oral health practice as well as handling patient affairs. It’s great for people with an interest in dentistry and oral hygiene and can be used as a bridge into specialising in other related dental health fields.

Bachelor of Education

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, then this is the degree for you. The BEd qualification is a four year programme that allows you to choose subjects you’d like to teach and involves a series of practical tasks and assessments to help you deal with real life classes. You’ll also be able to branch out into educational policy and other fields if you decide that you don’t want to teach.

Bachelor of Arts with Law

This is a three year degree that allows you to get a baseline in law as well as any Bachelor of Arts subjects of your choosing. People with this degree can have a career as a paralegal or legal secretary among other things, or they can do a 2 year LLB (law degree) and graduate as a fully fledged lawyer.

Bachelor of Arts Dramatic Arts

The BADA degree is great for performers and artists who would like to make a career in theatre and acting as well as screenwriting and other related fields. This is a four year specialised degree available at all major universities in South Africa, and a test or assignment is usually required as a part of your application.

Choosing Maths Lit doesn’t mean that you can’t go to university, in fact, there are loads of interesting varsity qualifications that you can attain with this choice. Make sure that you have all the information before choosing your subjects so that you have an idea of what all your options are. We’ve also collected a few university requirement documents to help you below.

Wits University Prospectus

University of Johannesburg Prospectus

University of Cape Town Prospectus

University of Pretoria

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