Your MD is probably the biggest night of your high school career and you might’ve heard quite a few after party horror stories. We’re here to put you at ease with 5 easy tips to make sure yours doesn’t turn into one of them.

Wear comfy shoes

We know what you’re thinking here but beauty is NOT pain in this instance. Coordinate your outfit so that you’ll look great and still be able to dance the night away with your friends. Wearing those mega thin high heels will have you regretting your outfit choice and maybe even sitting down for most of your after party — not a good idea.

Take a jacket

Always pack a jacket. The weather has a way of just switching up at the most unpredictable moments. Freezing your socks off is not fun and possibly catching pneumonia is no joke either, so make sure you keep a cute jacket or throw over to prevent this.

Stay safe

It’s important to have responsible fun and to prioritise your safety at all times. If you have to walk, do it in packs, take your drink to the bathroom with you and avoid carrying too many valuable items with you throughout the night. Also make sure you let parents or guardians know if you decide to move to another place for the evening. Read here for more tips on how to stay safe at your MD.

Get organised

This will affect your whole night. Make sure your phone is fully charged before your after party and that transport arrangements have been confirmed in advance. You want to be able to let your hair down, without having to worry about making your way home or not having enough battery life to take pics of your friends or call your parents. Plan the night, and you’re all good. Have a blast

This is the whole point of having an after party, right? It’s about being able to unwind with all your friends after MD formalities and soak up the last few moments of your high school days. It’s also about creating memories you’ll all cherish forever, after all, this is the biggest night of high school. So don’t stress over any of the little things that don’t go according to plan, instead, focus on having a great evening with all your classmates.

With these easy steps checked off your list, you should have an awesome night with very few hiccups and a ton of cool memories.

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