The COVID-19 crisis has made getting hired more difficult in many ways. However, just because the virus has changed many industries doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities out there. Here are 5 ways to find and secure a job during this challenging time.

Understand the environment

An important thing to do during this crisis is to put yourself in the companies’ shoes. Even companies who are looking to hire new people may not have the funds or capacity to actively recruit at the moment. This means that they may not be as active or even visible on the job hunting sites you’re used to.

This is why, in addition to job hunting sites, you should also check out the websites and social pages of companies in the field you’re interested in. Their job vacancies may be shared there.

Be pro-active

Let’s take the previous point one step further, and imagine that the company you’re applying to hasn’t had the time or resources to advertise their job vacancies. This doesn’t mean they’re not looking to hire, it just means that they aren’t advertising it. Get a head start by making a list of relevant businesses, and sending them an inquiry. Be polite, highlight how you can be an asset to their team and include your CV and portfolio of work.

Another important way to look for work is to use your network. Post to your social pages that you’re looking for employment, share your skills, and speak to your friends and family about it. You never know who may connect you to your next employer.

Be open-minded

Let’s face it, industries such as tourism, airlines and restaurants have taken a huge hit due to the COVID-19 regulations. This means that, even if you’re a great candidate in this field, there simply may not be a position, or decently paying position, available for you at the moment. This is why it’s important to be open to different opportunities, maybe even in industries you’ve never worked in before. Have a look at your current skillset, and think about how you could adapt this to a different line of work. You can also do our free Career Interest Test to get an idea of what kinds of jobs you’d be good at doing.


Many job requirements have changed since the COVID-19 crisis started. Think about it- many office-based jobs are now remote positions, and many businesses are now operating online instead of in-person. This means that showing potential employers you’ve got the skills to handle these changes will make your application stronger. Consider how your industry has changed due to COVID-19, and develop these skills through free online courses, completing a short internship or even doing some volunteer work while you’ve got the time to.

Offer solutions

It’s safe to say that most businesses are facing many problems at the moment due to the COVID-19 crisis. As an applicant for a job, you can really stand out in a positive way by showing understanding and offering solutions for them (solutions which include you, of course). Don’t be afraid of offering suggestions for how the business can adapt to the current situation, and show them that you’re a problem-solver, looking to help them get back on track.

When you struggle to find opportunities, remember that you have the power to create them. Keep on putting your best foot forward, and don’t give up on your goals. Good luck!

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