5 things you’ve learnt during COVID-19 that can help you improve your marks

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COVID-19 hasn’t been an easy situation to handle, but it has taught us very valuable lessons such as appreciating the little things in our lives (like freedom and good health). Here are some things you might’ve learnt that’ll help you improve your marks.


Studying from home isn’t easy, especially if you have distractions around like TV, social media and your family. But with COVID-19 being a part of our day-to-day lives, we’re learning the importance of discipline. Being disciplined will help you focus on your studies. The more discipline you have, the more you’re able to focus more on your studies instead of external distractions. This is a good way to improve your marks.

Time management

If you’ve been studying using a timetable or if you’ve been committed to a particular routine, you’ve learnt that time management works, and it can make life easier. Being able to manage your time during lockdown will impact your marks greatly going forward. Knowing how much time to spend on tasks will make you more efficient and productive, helping you achieve the marks you desire.


If you haven’t had your teachers around during studying and online learning, you’ve had to learn a level of independence. You’ve managed to study all on your own without being facilitated around the clock. That’s something to be proud of, especially because it’s not easy doing that from home. You’ll now be able to do the same even once you’re permanently back at school, which means that you won’t need to be constantly reminded of assignments and tests. You’ll be able to get to work and do well without being prompted.


COVID-19 has put the entire world in a state of panic, and it’s not easy working under stressful sit-uations like that, but you’ve done it. You were able to prioritise your school work even though you were under a lot of pressure and you had to adjust to many different situations. You’re a true victor and you’ve done very well considering the circumstances. Continue to persevere and make your-self proud.


Many of us have been taking initiative to learn new things and develop new skills. We’ve taken these newly found skills and we’ve turned them into new hobbies. You may have also been one of those people during this time- that’s a sign of taking initiative. Applying the same level of initiative to your studies means that you’ll put in extra effort into your school work and you’ll go the extra mile without being pushed to do so.

COVID-19 hasn’t made life easy at all. It has created many restrictions that have made us miss having the freedom to move around. However, there’ve been some really valuable lessons learnt, as well as good habits we’ve adopted. We hope that you’ll take everything this global pandemic has taught you and use it to better your marks. Don’t forget to reach out on social media Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you’ve learnt!

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