5 things you can do to grow beyond a junior level at work

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Have you landed a junior position in a company and are wondering how long it’ll take for you to climb up the success ladder? Well, look no further than this article. Here are a few practical ways to level up and grow from a junior position.

Know your objective

Make your game plan. Write down or make a vision board of the things you want to get out of this position. Why did you apply for this position? How long do you see yourself working in this organisation? In that time frame, how long do you plan to be in the junior position? What’s the next step after this role? Remember that this position could be an opportunity to either put to practice what you’ve learned at varsity, or to gain new skills. These questions will help you make SMART, concrete and achievable goals. Once you’ve created them, assess them regularly (every six months) to see if you’re still on track.

Aim for excellence

Look at your job description (JD) and ensure you meet what’s required of you. Show excellence in everything you do. Arrive early, complete your tasks by the deadline given. Ensure you always hold yourself accountable. You’re being assessed based on your overall work performance (ethics, integrity and quality of work). Stand out by not having major faults on your record. This’ll help your superior notice and consider you for more responsibilities.

Look for opportunities

Keep your ears and eyes open for unique and new work opportunities that can add to your skill set and level you up. At work - Look for training opportunities. If asked to do something that’s out of your JD and is an opportunity for you to gain a new skill set - go for it. Be careful that your openness to do more isn’t taken advantage of. Always keep your goals in mind and ensure that whatever you do is a step towards them. Outside work - Sign up to learn skills online (on sites such as SkillShare, get a Google certificate )or even consider going to back to school to get a qualification that your dream position requires.

Find a sponsor

Get yourself a sponsor (someone who can advocate for you when you’re not in the room). They can highlight your achievements and growth in front of your peers and superiors. Cultivate these relationships throughout your career journey- they’re an asset.

Make your expectations known

You have a voice, use it. It’s good for your superior to know what you expect out of the job. This way, it’ll be easier for you to approach them and discuss your needs.

Being in a junior position can be intimidating, but don’t let you stop you from levelling up. Put these tips into practice and see how far you go in the next six to twelve months time. Good luck!

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