No one radiates pure confidence and self-assurance like a superhero in their element. How can you adopt this same fearless attitude in your own life? Well, here are few lessons we picked up from these super-heroines.

Scarlet Witch  

“Everybody’s afraid of something.”

Wanda Maximoff, better known as Scarlet Witch, is introduced as a villain at first, but after a while she decides to fight against the evil. Wanda shows us that you can always change your path, even if you’re afraid and think you don’t have the courage. This is especially true when it comes to being more confident. Whether it’s being able to speak in public, or entering a talent contest - you’re going to be afraid but you do it anyway. That’s how confidence is built.

Ororo Munroe (Storm)

“You counter despair with hope. You strive forever for the best you are capable to be! Therein lies the victory!”

Ororo Munroe, commonly known as Storm, from the X-Men series, is a mix of fierceness and resilience. After losing her parents because of a plane crash when she was 5, she soon found herself homeless, with nothing but a precious stone she’d picked up from the rubble after the crash. At 12 years old, while roaming the deserts of Cairo, Ororo discovered her powers of controlling the weather. After many close calls with death, Storm found herself leading the X-Men and winning countless battles with courage and determination. Her lesson in confidence is to always be able to get up after a loss, embarrassment or failure and not to let unfortunate circumstances define you. There’s always a victory and a lesson on the other side.


"Just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved."

We all loved Black Panther and were utterly charmed by the witty and intelligent Shuri, whose humour and heart shone through in every scene. Shuri’s lesson in confidence is the ability to trust your own strengths and talents, but to know that you can always improve with time and effort. Confident people aren’t afraid to admit their flaws and do whatever it takes to overcome them.

Wonder Woman

“Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.”

The powerful Amazonian demigod, Wonder Woman, is a true inspiration. After leaving her home to go to “the world of men” to end the First World War, she stays on it to be a guardian of peace. The lesson here is how there’s great confidence and strength in standing up for what’s right and what you believe in. Self-compromise in order to keep others happy isn’t being true to yourself, so don’t sell yourself short to avoid making others uncomfortable. Always speak your truth and trust that it always counts for something.

Ms Marvel

“When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places.”

When we stop comparing ourselves, we see other talented people as friends that we can learn from as opposed to competition. Self-confidence is being able to appreciate what others bring to the table, without seeing them as a threat or doubting your own abilities. So, whenever you see someone whose talents intimidate you at first, think about all the things you can learn from them, how you can both shine, and how you could be even better as allies.

At the end of the day, being confident is something you’ve got to work at on a daily basis. When in self-doubt, go against your greatest fears and step into your own fierce superhero mindset by putting these lessons into practice.

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