Sure, a good business is mainly about the entrepreneur and the effort and time put into making the business a success But, entrepreneurship requires one to have the heart, the patience, but most importantly, the right amount of support. Here are a few support groups to take a look at if you’re venturing into entrepreneurship.

Sandton Business Networking

Ryan Gibson’s SBN currently has over seven thousand members. This is a group that drives networking and encourages entrepreneurs to take time out to do some networking. Although the networking sessions aren’t free, we’d say they’re well worth it because they allow you to put your business out there while making connections that could really benefit you and your business.

Gauteng Social & Professional Networking Meetup

This group was started by Puneet Dhamija upon his arrival in Johannesburg. The focus of the group is to get people to network and interact with one another, and because he believes that every event, even if it’s playing chess, is a good opportunity to network, he, along with other participants of the group, try to keep it fun. Which is probably why this support group has over seven thousand members.

Startup Founder 101

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s interested in starting something in the tech field, then Jonathan Greechan’s Startup Founder 101 group is a good place to start. This group focuses on both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and allows them to have a platform to collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs through free events and workshops. So if you’re a tech savvy aspiring entrepreneur, you could learn a thing or two from being one of the over five thousand members of this group.

Startup Grind Cape Town

Startup Grind is a huge independent startup community that’s partnered with Google and serves as a platform to educate, inspire and allow entrepreneurs from all around the world to connect with one another. What makes this group great to be a part of is its monthly events that let entrepreneurs who specialise in different fields come together and exchange their entrepreneurship tips. Startup Grind currently has over four thousand members, and you can also be one of them.

Lean (Startup) Coffee

David Campey took a different approach with his group Lean (Startup) Coffee, and his over four thousand members seem to appreciate it. He’s made it a little more free flowing and allows for people to come together weekly for an hour to discuss some of the things that matter most to them. So if you’re a passionate entrepreneur whose business means a lot to you, then this is a group you might want to be a part of.

These are helpful groups to be a part of as an entrepreneur, and they show that some of the greatest support can come from strangers. It’s important to not limit your source of support to the people who know you personally, but also to expand it to strangers around the world- they could have a lot more to offer you. If you’re on the fence about if a strong support system is necessary, you can read this article for more information.

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