Does the cold weather have you feeling tired and demotivated? It’s time to turn up the volume and get inspired with some heart warming tunes. Here are our 5 favourite song lyrics to help you stay motivated this winter.

“I've been running, chasing dreams, had my fingers wrapped around these sunbeams”

In their feel-good track “Chasing Dreams”, Goodluck have an electro beat that gets your body moving, and lyrics that remind you to follow your own path in life and hold on to the excitement of going after your dreams and ambitions. It really does feel like touching sunbeams!

“A knife in my heart couldn't slow me down. 'Cause power is power, the fire never goes out.” SZA recently collaborated with The Weeknd and Travis Scott on a powerful track appropriately titled "Power Is Power". Owning her crown, SZA sings about her inner strength being able to get her through even the coldest periods of heartbreak and sadness.

“The sun'll come out, nothing good ever comes easy”

Who doesn’t love last year’s hit song “After The Storm” by Kali Uchis featuring Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins? This dreamy jam is the perfect combination of warm synths to remind you of a hazy summer day, and lyrics that remind us the sun will always come out after the storm, and that in life, we need to brave the bad weather if we’re looking for sunny days.

“What haters say about me don’t worry me, I keep it moving forward to what’s ahead of me”

“Finally” is a song full of quiet confidence off of M.I.A’s newest album. In it, she speaks about discovering her power, her inner voice and getting stronger through life’s adversity. M.I.A has found a way to see the beauty in the challenges life presents, and we think that’s a great attitude to learn from.

“You can take my wings but I'm still gon' fly”

Who could forget this electric tune by Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu? Q.U.E.E.N is the anthem for any girl who knows how to own her identity and individuality. Even when times get tough and others try to dim her shine, Janelle bounces back and rises above the hate with style.

There you have it- 5 jams that are sure to get you feeling motivated for the cold days, weeks and even months ahead. What’s your go-to song when you’re feeling low? Share it with us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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