Getting healthier is something we all want to do, but very few of us actually end up achieving it because it seems so time consuming and overwhelming! Here are 5 of our favourites that you can start doing for yourself today.

Pack your own lunch

Even if you have the best intentions to buy something healthy at school, the tuck-shop temptation is real and you’ll probably end up getting something salty or sweet with little nutritional value. Avoid that by packing your own lunch from home. You can get creative and make your favourite foods. Planning out what you’ll have for the week and preparing it at home can sound like a mission for the first few days, but once you get into the habit you’ll have a lot more fun with your lunches!

Cut down on your sugar intake

Want to cut down on your sugar consumption? Try reducing the number of spoons you add to your tea and coffee. Another easy way to cut down on your sugar intake is to pick water over sweet drinks. If you find the taste of water boring, you can always make it more exciting by adding in some fresh fruit such as lemon, strawberry or even cucumber! As for snacks, try swopping out sweets for some fruit or sugary milk chocolate for dark chocolate instead.

Take the stairs

Instead of taking an escalator or elevator, commit to taking the stairs every time. This small change will help you get some exercise into your day, without you having to go out of your way for it.

Set weekly goals

Instead of setting vague goals for the whole year, try setting weekly goals for yourself like “no junk food this week” or “I’m going sugar free on Sundays”. Remember to be specific and write them down- this will keep you motivated. Set small, realistic goals for yourself and these will eventually become your healthy habits in the long run.

Switch off before bed

Did you know that spending time on your phone, tablet or in front of the computer before bed can disrupt your sleep cycle? That’s why it’s important to put away your electronic devices before you go to sleep, so that you can let your mind wind down and feel a lot more refreshed in the morning. If you charge your phone while you sleep, plug it in further away from you (so not directly by your bedside).

Making even just one of these little changes in your life may seem insignificant, but you’ll be surprised with how much better you’ll feel!

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