Self-Improvement is an ongoing process and if you dedicate yourself to it, you can really grow as a person as well as a professional. Would you like to improve yourself in 2021? Here are a few tips.

Set your goals

The first step to any kind of self-improvement is to write your main career and personal goals down. These goals will give you an idea of where you can improve, and they’ll also help you focus on your improvement throughout the year. When setting your goals, be sure to follow the SMART rules- learn more about them here.

Get advice

Our next tip is to chat to a trusted colleague, mentor, family member or friend. Ask them where they think you can improve, what insights they have and so on. Hearing an outside perspective can be really valuable, as long as you stay open-minded and don’t take constructive criticism personally.

If you don’t really want to speak to anyone in person, you can even join an online group chat or forum where people discuss our areas of interest or have a similar job position to you. These online spaces can also be very helpful- just remember to keep your private info safe and be mindful of what you post online.

Build useful skills

Before you start improving yourself as a professional, have a look at what skills are becoming important or popular in your field of work. Improving those skills can help you go further in your career, and they can be a great boost to your confidence. There are also skills that might not seem connected to your career, but they can benefit you greatly. To learn more about this, have a look at Course 2 of the Take a Girl Child To Work Day Online Programme- it’s a free, fun and easy way to prepare for the world of work.

Make it a habit

Last but not least, you need to make improving yourself a part of your daily routine. Getting better takes time and dedication, so go at your own pace and set smaller milestones to stay motivated. You don’t need to be on top of your game 24/7. Slow progress is still progress, so be proud of what you’re achieving along the way.

You deserve to make 2021 your year- both at work as well as in life. If you’d like to chat or need some advice, you can send us a message for free on AskCellCgirl. We’re always happy to help you with your self-improvement, or to answer any work or life-related questions you may have. Good luck!

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