The left-handed struggle is too real when you’re in school. Where right-handed peeps see excitement in the first day back at school, lefties see an obstacle course of irritating and inconvenient struggles to navigate through. Thankfully, there are a few hacks to help you survive school as a leftie. Here are 5 of our favourite ones.

Prevent the smudge

If you’re a lefty and you’re writing from left to right (which, unfortunately is the case for the majority of languages), your hand is constantly smudging what you’ve just written. This can make reading your notes really difficult, both for you as well as your teacher. Ballpoint pens are usually the best, while any pen with “gel” ink should be avoided - basically, make sure your pen has quick-drying ink. Also, look for pencils with a hard lead- softer lead pencils are the ones that smudge. You can learn more about hard vs. soft lead pencils here.

As for when you have to write on the board in class, try lifting up your wrist away from the board. This may make your writing look a bit skew, so just explain to your teacher that your writing may not be too neat because you’re trying not to smudge it.

Bumper basher

There’s nothing more awkward than elbowing your classmate while you’re writing something down in class. If you have to sit next to someone else at school or varsity, sit on the left and ask them if they don’t mind sitting on the right. This will prevent you from bumping into one another when you’re writing.

Notebook nightmares

If you ask a leftie what annoys them most, they’ll probably say spiral-bound notebooks. A trick you can use to balance out the height and make it easier to write in these is to use an exam pad or paper underneath where your hand will be. Or, to avoid this problem altogether, avoid getting spiral-bound books when you can.

Writing made easy

If you often tear your paper when writing, try this trick out and see if it helps. Angle your paper or book slightly to the left of your body, with the right angle pointing towards you. When you have to underline or draw any horizontal line, draw it from right to left. Same goes for highlighting- go from right to left to avoid crinkling your paper. Also, avoid using any “non-pointed” pens such as fountain pens, calligraphy pens etc. as these will be harder for you to write with.

Scissor sister

To avoid that frustrating situation when your scissors fold the paper they should be cutting, get left-handed scissors or try out different types until you find one which works for you. Sometimes, even left-handed scissors might not work for you and certain right-handed ones may work better, so go into the store and ask if you can try out the scissors before you buy them.

Being left-handed at school can be a mission sometimes, but the trick is to try out different techniques and stationary to see what works best for you. We hope that these tips have been helpful if you’re left-handed and if you’re not, be sure to share this article and help out the lefties in your life.

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