We all have different hustles, and for some, their current hustle is their dream job. While for others, it’s the starting point that’s going to drive them to bigger and better things. Whichever one your hustle is, you should never be ashamed of it. Here’s why.

Pays your bills

Bills don’t necessarily refer to debts that you have. This is any and everything that requires money. So going out with friends or paying for rent is considered bills which your hustle is able to fund. That’s nothing to be ashamed of- if anything, you should appreciate your hustle.

Gives you skills

Every single job you’ve ever had or that you’ll ever have has some important skills to teach you. Whether these are soft or hard professional skills, they’re necessary in elevating you to reach the peak of your career. So rather than being embarrassed about your hustle, embrace it and learn everything that it has to teach you.

Teaches you money-management

The only way you’re able to really manage money wisely is if you have money, but most importantly, if it’s money you’ve worked for. Knowing what it’s like to work for your money gives you a new found respect for the value of money. This makes you a little more serious about saving, creating a budget and monitoring your monthly spend.

Brings you closer to your dreams

Your current job may not be the ultimate dream, and that’s perfectly fine. No one really ever starts their career journey with their dream job just waiting for them, so don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Your current hustle is definitely paving the way for you to get that dream job, live in that dream house and live that dream lifestyle. Anything that brings your dreams a little closer, is definitely something worth respecting, and that’s your hustle.

Allows you to network

You may look at the people around you at work and feel like they have nothing to offer you, but this may not always be the case. That’s the beauty of networking and socialising with different people who are good at different things- they could help you out in the long run. You may require their skills for your next career move or even a reference. These are things you wouldn’t have access to if it wasn’t for your hustle.

There are so many reasons you should love, respect and appreciate your hustle. So many doors are going to open for you because of that hustle, so no matter what it is you’re doing with your career right now, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re proud of you. You should be proud of yourself too!

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