Miss South Africa 2018, Tamaryn Green, definitely challenges the beauty or brains binary. A sixth year student from Paarl in the Western Cape, Tamaryn has carried the Miss SA title with pride, inspiring young women to strive beyond the norm and reach their goals with grace and unchanging humility. Here are 5 reasons why she’s our fave.

Doctor Green

Apart from being a pageant queen, Tamaryn Green is a sixth year medical student at the University of Cape Town — well on her way to becoming a qualified doctor. She expresses a love for working with different people and says she will definitely complete her studies and become a practising physician when her reign as Miss South Africa comes to an end next year.

She cares about her country

After being diagnosed with Tuberculosis in 2015, and having to hide this from family members due to the stigma attached to the disease, Tamaryn resolved to be actively involved in creating awareness about the disease all over South Africa. She launched the #BreaktheStigma campaign, which aims to teach people about TB and help those infected to get access to necessary healthcare. The campaign began in South Africa and will be expanding to other parts of Africa over time.

She’s a fit queen

Tamaryn’s social media boasts numerous images and quotes about staying fit and healthy. She believes that, “Your health is the best investment you can make and nature itself is the best physician,” and she certainly does fill her downtime with lots of hikes and workouts; we’ve also seen her take on some yoga. She’s definitely an example of how a healthy body makes a healthy mind.

A girl with big dreams

We love a dreamer, and Tamaryn really fits this description. Not only is she almost a doctor, but she’s also landed an international modelling contract in Spain earlier this year. This was just before Tamaryn ticked off her dream of becoming Miss SA from her list. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

She walks the talk

Tamaryn emphasises the importance of humility and compassion, and has been nothing short of these attributes since we’ve known her. Before claiming the Miss SA title, she visited many schools from her hometown to motivate young girls to work towards their dreams and believe in themselves. We’ve seen her live by these words and set an unchanging example — go Tamaryn!

Well, there you have it — all the reasons why our Miss South Africa is someone to look up to. She slays her dreams and goals without apology, talks about issues affecting South Africans on a daily basis and raises awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle to achieve success. Isn’t she lovely?

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