5 reasons why exams are not the end of the world

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Everyone keeps saying that exam time is your make or break moment- your one and only shot at succeeding in life. However, this simply isn’t true- even if you fail your exam (which is the worst-case scenario) that still doesn’t mean the end of all your opportunities. Here’s 5 reasons why exams are NOT the end of the world.

Stress makes you do worse in exams

Feeling very stressed can make you do worse in exams- it’s scientifically proven. While a little bit of stress is needed in order for you to feel motivated to study, too much stress can make you “freeze” when writing your exam, forgetting a lot of what you learned.

Stress doesn’t only have an effect on you during your exam either. Worrying too much before you write can lead to problems such as trouble concentrating, loss of appetite and feelings of hopelessness, as well as poor performance when you’re writing.

Failing your exam doesn’t mean you’ll fail the subject or term

If you’re in grade 8 to 11, then chances are that your exams don’t count for the majority of your subject mark. You can still pass your term, even if you don’t do well in your exams. Just check what percentage of your mark your exam counts for and you can calculate what mark you need to get in order to pass.

You can re-write your matric finals

Yes, re-writing your final exams sucks, but it is a second chance for you to pass. If you’re worried that you might fail or have failed a matric final exam, keep calm and know that you can re-write it.

You can take a bridging course

According to Skills Portal, bridging courses are “short, focused learning programmes designed to help high school students enter higher education institutions”. If you’re worried about not doing well in your prelims or matric finals and that this could affect your chances of getting into tertiary education, know that bridging courses can help.

You’re fine and you’ll be ok

Take a moment to breathe and think of all the things you’re lucky to have- your family, a roof over your head and food on the table. Those things won’t disappear if you don’t do well in your exams. Just remember that you have so much to be happy about, and that you’re fine right now and will be after you’re done writing. No matter what the outcome of your exam is, you’ll be ok- we promise.

While a little bit of stress is normal around exam time and can give you a push, remember that no exam is worth you feeling terrified over. You have so many options and opportunities ahead of you- take exam time as a learning experience, relax and do your best. Good luck!

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