At the age of only 28, Nomzamo Mbatha has already excelled in every project she's taken on- gaining dazzling amounts of success as an actress, model and TV personality. Here are just 5 of the countless reasons why she inspires us.

She’s a fiercely hard worker

Nomzamo’s stunning success is a result of her tireless work ethic. She isn’t afraid to take on tough challenges and demanding projects because she knows she’s capable of seeing them through. Her work in entertainment as well as humanitarianism and activism is definitely a lot to balance, but she keeps things moving and doesn’t fear the heavy workload.

She’s not afraid to speak up

Nomzamo doesn’t shy away from tough topics such as gender, politics and mental health. Where there’s an opportunity for her to express her opinions, she stands firm in her beliefs and uses her platform to start a discussion and be a voice for the voiceless on issues that matter.

She’s passionate about helping others

Nomzamo dedicates a great deal of her time to humanitarian work. She’s currently an ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and an outspoken advocate for female rights and mental health. Her and her family’s personal struggles with issues such as xenophobia and suicide make her all the more passionate about wanting to help others in need.

She pursued her education

Despite difficulties she faced with financing her studies, Nomzamo fought hard to make it work and persisted in getting her education. Although she had to drop out of university, she was determined to return and complete her bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Accounting.

She always wears a smile

Nomzamo has a stunning smile, wouldn’t you agree? She’s not afraid to show positivity and happiness in every situation, despite the challenges she’s had to overcome in her life. Being able to keep your head up and smile isn’t always easy, but Nomzamo has shown us that it is possible to do and a powerful skill to have.

Despite all of her successes and accomplishments, Nomzamo shows no signs of slowing her roll. As she moves onto the next big thing, we can’t help but cheer her on and feel proud of and inspired by her.

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