5 lessons Arya Stark taught us about independence

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Arya Stark is the fierce rebel with a cause from the book series and hit TV show, Game of Thrones. Here are 5 lessons about being fiercely independent that we’ve learned from her so far.

Follow your own path

Arya is a tomboy and she isn’t interested in pretending otherwise. Unlike her older sister Sansa, Arya has no interest in traditional “noblewoman” activities such as sewing. Early on in the series we see her gravitating more toward learning skills such as archery and swordsmanship, and she follows these interests without much hesitation or worry that it’ll make her stand out.

Stand up for your values

We see Arya standing up for her values when she defends the Butcher’s Boy from Prince Joffrey without hesitation. She has a strong moral compass which she follows, and she’s fearless when it comes to standing up for what she believes in. Now, while we don’t recommend getting into a sword fight with a heartless prince, being independent does mean not letting others bully you into keeping quiet if you have a point to make.

Don’t let your identity define you

Arya refuses to let the things that she can’t control — such as her gender and age — to box her in or define the way she acts. Typically, a young girl living in a dangerous place like Westeros would be seen as fragile, vulnerable and timid but Arya doesn’t accept these qualities, and instead she creates her own identity as a strong, intelligent and fearless fighter.

Don’t just think- act

Arya is always up for an adventure, and instead of waiting around for the right time, she acts without much hesitation. She’s driven and knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to jump straight into a situation. If you find yourself putting things off and waiting for permission from others to start projects, take a page out of Arya’s book and just get started.

Think for yourself

Being independent means thinking for yourself, and Arya does this for sure. She’s great at analysing situations and planning her next move. She also doesn’t take anything at face value, and she’s critical of those she meets. If you’d like to be more independent, you should practice trusting your own instincts and reaching your own conclusions, instead of simply going along with what others are doing.

You don’t need to physically be a warrior in order to be strong and independent. Just like Arya is finding herself through her ups and downs, so are you; and if you feel like you could be more self-assured, you can always develop this with time. We know you’re rooting for her this season (so are we, trust us). Whenever you’re in need of some inspiration, grab some popcorn and put on your fave GOT episode!

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