There’s nothing better than a feel good jam in the summertime. Everything feels so much more positive in the warm weather, and that includes music. Here are inspirational lyrics from 5 awesome songs that you definitely should have on your holiday playlist!

“Now I'm so convinced what we have is like gold. How we hold it and mould it, determines how we will grow.” - These Streets by Mi Casa

“These Streets” by Mi Casa is exactly the positive, feel-good track that any day in the sunshine is incomplete without. These lyrics remind us that we have so much potential, and we decide what to do with it. Remember these lyrics any time you’re feeling stuck- you always have an opportunity to create a good life, so believe in your potential and invest in yourself.

“Baby, don't you know, all of them tears gon' come and go. We decide it- we’re gonna be alright” - Be Alright by Ariana Grande

This may have been a hit 2 years ago, but its fresh, uplifting tune and lyrics are still such a jam! Tears and bad times come and go- life is constantly changing and moving. If you ever feel like a bad situation will last forever, put this song on and remember that it’s all gonna be alright.

"These are the things that make us stronger. These are the dreams that make us rise each day.” - Colours by DJ Zinhle ft Tamara Dey

Two amazing South African artists- DJ Zinhle and Tamara Dey, deliver some truth in their fun jam “Colours”. The lyrics to this song talk about how the struggles we face make us stronger, and the fight for our dreams is what pushes us to get up in the morning. So don’t be afraid to dream or even fail- it’s all part of your journey and your growth.

“There's nothing like the summer breeze, to take a load off you and me” - Takin it Easy by GoodLuck

GoodLuck’s song "Takin it Easy” would sound perfect while you’re chilling on a lazy summer day. Sometimes, lifting our spirits up is as simple as closing our eyes and taking a deep breath. This track reminds us to relax, slow down and take it easy, fully enjoying the summer breeze and the sunshine.

“I don't need no money, as long as I can feel the beat” - Cheap Thrills by SIA

Cheap Thrills by SIA is a jam not only because of its catchy tune, but also because the lyrics speak a lot of truth. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, and decide that we don’t have as much as them and that means we can’t have fun. But, the truth is that enjoying yourself isn’t about buying or owning something- it’s about allowing yourself to let go and enjoy the moment.

Now that you’ve got an idea of how inspirational summer jams can be, be sure to add these to your party or chill sesh playlist and share the feel-good message with your friends. Have a great summer break!

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