They always say you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure, but in some cases having fun while learning new things is the way to go. Are you looking to have some fun over the holidays while developing your entrepreneurial skills? Here are a few activities to help you do just that!

Take online courses

If you’ve got some free time over your holidays, why not put it to good use by taking an online course? There are many different courses that can teach you all sorts of useful skills, such as such as Digital Marketing with Google, Facebook and Instagram marketing with Facebook Business, and Programming with Python. Sites such as Coursera, Alison and Udemy offer free courses in Business, Marketing and many other valuable topics.

Attend local events

Attending local events such as festivals, markets and expos can be enjoyable, but also a valuable experience for you as an entrepreneur. They’re spaces where you can network, see how other local businesses advertise themselves and gain insights that’ll help you in the coming year. Ask around to find out which events are taking place near you, or search for local events on Facebook.

Visit other SMEs

Visiting and supporting (if you can) other small businesses is a great holiday activity if you’re an entrepreneur. You can learn a lot from other small businesses, such as what the best payment systems are to use, how to promote your business and more. What’s more, creating a relationship with other small businesses in your area opens up opportunities to collaborate and share ideas, client bases and resources with each other.

Create a plan for the new year

Creating a detailed business plan for the coming year of the holidays, will give you a head start. By mapping out your goals and how you plan on achieving them, you’ll go into the new year with confidence and focus. Be sure to use the SMART Goals model when doing this, and consider performing a SWOT analysis to inform your business plan too.

Take a break

As an entrepreneur, you may feel pressure to work all the time- even during the holiday season. While being productive if you’ve got some free time can be great, it’s just as important to have have a proper break so that you can re-charge. Learning to switch off, take a break and let yourself rest will make you a less stressed, more focused business owner.

Now you know the value of some simple holiday activities you might have overlooked before. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, and by taking advantage of the different opportunities you have, you can grow as a person as well as a business owner. Happy holidays!

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