Studying Economics at varsity is exciting, but some of the concepts can quickly get complicated. Thankfully, dear Economics student, you can find many helpful (and free) resources online to help you in your studies. Here are just 5 of them.

Online courses

Honestly, online courses are such a life saver! If you’re in need of some additional study material and practice, you can do online courses that explain and expand on Economics concepts for free on sites such as Coursera, Alison and Khan Academy. These courses also motivate you to study with quizzes and progress tracking along the way, so they’re really worth checking out.

Forums and online networks

There are tons of forums and other free networks that can connect you to other Economics students, tutors and lecturers with whom you can discuss concepts you may be struggling with. Two great ones to check out are The Student Room and r/Economics on Reddit.

Free textbooks

You can find free Economics textbooks on sites such as Open Textbook Library, which cover various Economics concepts and theories. Even if these aren’t the exact textbooks you’re currently using in your classes, you can still find a lot of valuable explanations and case studies in them. Just make sure you use your own judgement when using these books, so that their material doesn’t interfere with what you’re studying in class but rather contributes to it positively.

Youtube videos and channels

Can’t wrap your head around a certain section in your Economics class? Try searching it on YouTube and you’re likely to find at least one video explaining it in more detail. Channels such as Crash Course and Jacob Clifford have entire playlists dedicated to explaining Economics theories and providing valuable insights and information to students.


When you’re writing an assignment and you’re in need of quick information or tools to help you out, you can reach for one of the many free Economics apps if you have them downloaded on your phone. Depending on what you’re in need of, you can find an app that’s handy for anything from Economics news, literature and published papers, to current data and statistics.

Economic concepts may be complicated, but you have many free resources to turn to when you need some extra clarification or a simpler explanation of a section you’re struggling with. Good luck with your studies!

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