When it comes to acing Physical Sciences, finding a winning formula can be a bit tricky since different methods work for different people. However, there are 5 general hacks that’ll help you improve your Physics marks.

Don’t cram

Subjects like Maths, Physics and Chemistry aren’t about how much information you can memorise (and possibly forget). Instead, they’re about having in-depth understanding of concepts and being able to apply your knowledge to different scenarios. Think about it this way, you’ll probably never be tested on the exact same equation more than once, so spend less time trying to cram your mind full of specific problems and equations, and focus on understanding principles, laws and formulae.

Build up an archive

Physics, like most subjects, builds on previous knowledge from your lower grades. That’s why it’s important to keep all your old Science textbooks, notes and study guides to refer back to when you’re studying or doing assignments.

Practise daily

If you want to ace Physics and Chem, you’re going to have to give yourself homework sometimes. This means you’ll have to go over your notes, practice a few equations and read through the next day’s lesson every evening after school. The more practice you get, the more confident you’ll be.

Read info from a vast array of sources

Sometimes the prescribed textbook doesn’t quite simplify material the way we’d like it to. Which is why it’s important to read about stuff from different books, magazines and articles. You could also look into Youtube channels like Crash Course and Mindset Learn to help you understand concepts that aren’t so easy to grasp.

Understand the formulae

Science is actually just explaining the principles that govern the world around us. So, it’s good to create your own examples and apply the theory to real life. The more comfortable you are with the theories, the more you’ll see how practical the learning material actually is. Learning doesn’t just end in the classroom when it comes to this subject, that’s why you should apply the knowledge you learn in class, to the world around you.

While Science can be tricky, it takes work, the right attitude and a little bit of help to get good grades. We hope these 5 tips help you get the marks you’re aiming for in Physics and Chemistry.

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