Since it’s a new year and a new school year is starting, we’re all about saying goodbye to habits that hold you back and sometimes limit your progress. Here are 5 common habits, that we reckon you should not take with you into 2019.

Biting your nails

We don’t need to tell you how unhealthy this habit is. Your hands touch just about everything, and so dirt gets stored under your nails - meaning you are LITERALLY ingesting dirt and bacteria. Also, biting your nails can cause permanent damage to your cuticles, making you susceptible to infections. Saliva actually makes cuticles more red and inflamed and the damage may sometimes be irreversible. To quit this habit, you can wear clear nail polish that tastes bitter or has a strong smell, or just replace it with a better habit like squeezing a stress ball. Whatever you do, this habit has got to go.

Going to bed late

Sleep is vital in keeping you energised and generally balanced. Your brain also processes information and stores it into long and short-term memory while you’re asleep. So you actually need to get enough sleep to do well in school. To quit this bad habit, develop a sleep routine that helps you get the required 8 hours of shut-eye on a daily basis. If you need help creating this routine, read this article.

Binging on junk food

When you’re in school, it’s pretty easy to replace entire meals with a pack of crisps, some soda and a bag of sour worms - yummy, right? Until you’re knee-deep in assignments but can’t summon the energy to start them, let alone stay awake in class. Eating too much junk food can also affect your digestive system, causing acid reflux and other related conditions. Also, junk food probably isn’t helping you avoid those annoying breakouts. We’d stay away and search for some healthier alternatives, if we were you.

Spending too much time on your phone

Let’s be real, in the world of Twitter, Facebook and IG, your cellphone does become your best friend. That doesn’t mean spending hours of your time staring at the blue screen is a good thing. If anything, it can become the ultimate procrastination tool and distractor. Excessive use of social media can also add to anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. So we suggest you cap the amount of time spent on your phone as well as what you’re looking at on social media.

Staying in toxic friendships

When we’re in school, it’s not always easy to identify when a friendship is actually toxic. But if your friends aren’t making you feel good, or if you feel like you have to pretend to be something you’re not in order to ‘fit in’, then it’s time to reevaluate your friendships. You can find out more about healthy friendships here. If you are in an unhealthy friendship, then we suggest you speak to someone and do your best to get out of it - before any real damage is done. Remember, you deserve good friendships that encourage you to be your happy, strong self.

We know that you’re always striving to do better and that’s why we’re happy to help you along the way. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder that you can quit bad habits even though it’s not easy.

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