Thinking about the perfect gift for your BFF can be a little bit stressful when you’re on a budget. The best gifts aren’t always the most expensive ones, though. Which is why we’ve hooked you up with a list of thoughtful DIY Christmas present ideas that won’t leave you super broke.

Personalised “remember when” collage

This is a really cute idea, especially if you’re looking for something meaningful and sentimental. You can create a visual or written collage of all the different memories you’ve made together. Include funny memories, proud moments and maybe even a few sad times that you shared together. The idea is to take your bestie down memory lane with something personal that only the two of you will understand.

Bestie mixtape

If your best friend is a big fan of music then it’s a great idea to create a mix of all their favourite tunes for them. You can save these on a flash drive and make a cute CD cover-like envelope for it with a list of all the tracks in the mix.

Create an “open when” book for them

This is the perfect heartfelt gift if your bestie’s going off to varsity or a new school. Create a little booklet with tiny messages and quotes that they can read when they’re going through various emotions. For example, you could write an inside joke titled ‘open when you need to laugh’, or an inspirational quote for ‘open when you’re feeling sad’. This is a great way to remind them that they’re always in your thoughts.

Photo Calendar

A more fun alternative to the normal, plain calendar. You can print out a calendar and then attach a picture of you and your BFF for each month. You can use whatever format you want for the calendar and gift it to your best friend so they can have a cool memory to look at every month. 

Fabric Bookmarks

If you’re artistic and like to make things, then this is the gift idea for you. You can use old fabric to make a unique bookmark for your friend. They bookmark can be vintage, bold or denim - whatever you like. How cool is that?

See? You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your best friend a gift that really shows them how much you appreciate them. We hope the creative juices are in full flow from these ideas, and whatever it is you decide to gift them, we know your bestie will love it.

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