5 Fun Holiday Game Ideas

The holidays are a time to spend with close family and friends, but if you’ve got any younger siblings or cousins, keeping them entertained can be a mission. Here are 5 easy game ideas for the festive season that will get everyone involved!


What you’ll need: Pencil and paper, or a whiteboard/chalkboard. Number of players: 4 or more. How to play: Grab something to draw on, as well as some words written on small pieces of paper that can be picked at random out of a container. One player picks a paper and has to “draw” that word while the other players try to guess what the word is.


What you’ll need: A pack of cards and large spoons. Number of players: 4 or more. How to play: Sit in a circle with one less spoon in the middle than there are players (for example, if you’re playing with 5 people, put 4 spoons in the centre). Each player starts by holding 4 cards in their hands. The goal is to get 4 of the same “rank” (eg. 4 Queens or 4 Aces). Players pass around one card at a time in order to achieve this. Once someone gets 4 cards of the same rank, they take a spoon from the middle. When the others notice that a spoon is missing, they’ll all need to grab a spoon. You lose the game if you’re left without a spoon.


What you’ll need: Pen and small pieces of paper. Number of players: 3 or more. How to play: Before starting the game, write down some famous celebrity names, movie, book, or TV show titles on pieces of paper. Fold them and put them into a container, making sure to mix them up well. Next, have someone pick a piece of paper from the mix- it’s now their job to act out this word in front of everyone, in order to see who can guess the answer first.


What you’ll need: No props needed! Number of players: 3 or more. How to play: This is a storytelling game that works as follows: Player 1 sets the scene up. A good way to start is “Once upon a time…” followed by introducing the characters: “…there lived a princess in a castle”. Player 2 then has to continue the story by saying “Unfortunately…” and adding in an unfortunate turn. For example, “…the princess was held captive by a dragon”. Player 3 then continues the story with a positive turn. For example, “Fortunately, she had a plan to escape…”. And so on. The story can go back to Player 1 when everyone else has had a turn.

Mad Libs

What you’ll need: Either a pen and paper to write your own template, a printed template from the internet or one of the MadLibs apps installed on your device. Number of players: 2 or more. How to play: A Mad Libs template will usually have a story written with a few key words taken out. Under the blank space, the type of word will be indicated (for example whether it’s a noun, verb, adjective etc. or a celebrity name, fast food chain, etc). The person filling in the sheet calls this “type” out to the other players, so they can provide him or her with a word. At the end, you read the story out loud- it’s usually a bit weird but very funny!

Spend quality time with those you love these holidays by getting them to play these games! The laughter and silliness is a great stress reliever, and perfect for the festive time. Good luck and have an awesome festive season.

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