Parties, festivals, going out with friends and shopping can leave quite a dent in our pockets, but luckily, holidays also mean you have time to earn some bucks. Here are 5 holiday hustles that can help you gain work experience during your summer break.

Babysitting and Au Pairing

Babysitting and au pair work is probably one of the most well-known holiday jobs out there. If you’re good with kids, this type of work can be fun and rewarding.

Remember to always stay safe when offering to babysit or au pair. It’s best if you work for a family which you know well. Let your parents know where you’ll be, and how long you’ll be staying there for.

House sitting or pet sitting

This time of year, there are many people who look for someone to keep an eye on their home or their pets while they’re away. If you’re taking care of someone’s house and pets while they’ve gone on vacation, your responsibilities would include regularly staying at the house, feeding and grooming the pets as well as walking them, etc. It’s the perfect job for any animal lover, and quite an easy way to earn some decent cash.

Remember to always be professional while house sitting. Keep the house clean and tidy, and don’t invite any irresponsible friends over!

Retail job

There are many shops which could use additional assistance during the busy holiday season. Even if you’re under the age of 18, chances are you’ll be able to find a job as a shop assistant at a store. Print out your CV and approach different stores at your local mall or in your area- you’ll be surprised at how much fun working in retail can be. And of course, the staff discounts are a bonus!

Counsellor at summer camp or holiday club

Holiday clubs and summer camps are always looking for young, energetic people to join their crew as a team leader, mentor or counsellor. Working in this field can give you some great work experience, as well as develop your leadership and social skills.

Get creative

Are you a creative spirit? There are many ways to turn your passion for creating things into a holiday hustle. If you like being crafty, you can make your own jewellery, soaps or even clothes and sell them at community markets and events. If you’re a culinary queen, why not create sauces, jams or desserts? If you’ve got a talent for entertaining, try performing in a band, dancing or acting on stage. The holidays are a great time to earn some extra cash while doing something you’re passionate about.

Holidays can make us feel lazy, but getting a job during this time will give you some great skills, open you up to exciting opportunities and boost your confidence and independence. Try these hustles out- we promise you won’t regret it!

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