Are you a freelancer who’s worried about where your next freelancing gig will come from? Or perhaps you’re interested in being a freelancer, but your head is spinning because you have no idea where to start? We’re here to make life a little bit easier for you by introducing you to some helpful freelance sites you can use to secure your next gig.


A huge part of being a freelancer is that you want to sweat a little less than the average employee. More flexible hours, the freedom to choose the projects and companies that excite you and creating your own rates. NoSweat allows you to do exactly that, with an added bonus of helping you with other things like your SARS (South African Revenue Services) tax payments. Check it out today to see if your field is featured, and start your sweat-free freelance journey.

SA Creative Networks

We’re calling all creatives to take a look at this site. The creative industry can be quite saturated, and it’s also not the easiest industry to find and secure a job in. That’s why SA Creative Network is the place to be. This site allows you to showcase your work, get in touch with other creatives, find employment and consume news about your industry. Whether you’re a freelancer, a full-time or part-time professional, you’re welcome to upload your CV and put yourself out there.


It’s time to upscale your freelance career with UpWork. A freelancers site that allows you to create a profile detailing the type of service you offer and your hourly rate (in dollars) for potential clients to browse. This site matches companies with freelancers who want to help with bigger, longer and more complex projects. Once a company posts a job, a freelancer can apply to work on it and they can then communicate on this very site through the very convenient video call functionality. The only way to go with a site like this, is up!


If you’re looking for a platform that supports freelancers in the labour force, SAFREA is definitely for you. This website helps freelancers with securing the bag, but it also offers advice from fellow industry people and helpful online guides. This site seeks out mainly freelancers in the creative space. All you have to do is fill out an application form and decide on a membership that you can afford.


This website is a little bit more than just a site for freelancers to find work. It’s also a site that lets you explore all South African job options, including the remote ones (something that’s so necessary during these pandemic times). Mintor is looking for young job seekers who wish to up-skill and take their careers to new heights by connecting them with companies that’ll give them the necessary work experience. Try it today to build up your skills and portfolio.

Getting into the freelancing world isn’t easy until you’ve put your work out there and have built some useful connections. The best thing about it though, is that there are so many sites available that can make your freelancing journey that much easier. There are many freelancers in SA like you and brands seeking your services, so you’re never alone. Take advantage of that and start building your freelance experience right way. Good luck!

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