Private tutors are great but let’s be real, they can get quite expensive. If you’re on a budget and hiring a tutor isn’t an option for you, here are 6 sites that offer a ton of extra help for free!


Subjects they help with: basic high school subjects.

Mindset is a great source of help for South African students- they have videos and documents you can read on subjects such as Maths, Physics, Biology, Business Studies, English, Afrikaans and more. You don’t need to sign-up or pay any fees- simply visit the site and search for what you need help with!


Subjects they help with: Mathematics

This site offers videos, textbooks, worksheets, interactive sketches and other tools to make Mathematics clearer for students in grade 8 to 12. You don’t have to sign up or pay any fees- simply choose the grade you’re in and you’ll be able to access the information you need. MIDHub aims to give South African students accurate and reliable Mathematics content, so if you’re struggling with Maths, give this site a visit.


Subjects they help with: Mathematics (mostly grades 7-9)

Olico’s site has open practice, structured lessons on key concepts for grades 7-9, 2-Minute Tango and exam preparation which will help you get fluent on your times-tables, build your number fluency and prepare for exams. They also offer practice for National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) as well as workbooks & guides for them. You can access these tools for free and no sign-up is needed.

International Sites

Remember that using international sites to study is great, but you may need to search for specific keywords (for example, “Algebra” or “Fractions”) since international grades are different. It’s also a good idea to show these sites to your teacher and ask them what they think about you using them.

[Khan Academy]

Subjects they help with: basic high school subjects

Khan Academy is an amazing site that lets you access tons of study help for free- no sign-up is needed! This site covers subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Computing, History, Geography, Economics and so much more. Their site is fun and easy to use- it shows you videos based on what you need to study, tests you along the way and tracks your progress. 


Subjects they help with: basic high school subjects

CK-12 is similar to Khan Academy, but you’ll need to sign-up for free in order to use the site. CK-12 covers subjects such as Mathematics, Science and more. What’s great about CK-12 is that you can get personalised learning, customise your own textbooks and learn K-12 STEM concepts on your computer or smartphone. The CK-12 app is free to download on Android and iPhone as well as for Windows 8/10 and iPad.

Whether you’re struggling and need help with a specific subject, or you really want to get a distinction and you’re looking for extra practice and tips, be sure to give these free sites a try!

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