Holidays are coming up which means fun, carefree times! But you can also get bored. Luckily, there are tons of free online courses you can do. Here are 5 to help you step up your game over the holidays.

Financial Accounting Fundamentals- Coursera

The Financial Accounting Fundamentals by University of Virginia is a beginner’s course which will give you the fundamentals of financial accounting. This course covers the three most commonly used financial statements: the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows. You’ll learn to record transactions and prepare financial statements, as well as how to read and analyse them.

Entrepreneurship and Family Business- Open 2 Study

The Entrepreneurship and Family Business course by RMIT University teaches you the basics of entrepreneurship and what to consider when starting your own business. The course is divided into 4 modules: ‘Who is an Entrepreneur’, ‘Managing the Entrepreneurial Process’, 'Entrepreneurial Enterprises’ and ‘Family Business’. Starting your own business is challenging, but with some good advice and information, you’ll have a much better chance of building your future.

Coding- Code Academy

Code Academy is a site where you can find courses on Web Development, Data Science, Programming and Computer Science. Their online coding tutorials have easy-to-follow instructions, and you can receive immediate feedback which helps you improve quickly. Even if you’re a complete beginner or you aren’t an IT student at heart, knowing some coding basics will help you a lot and can be really fun, so give it a try!

Diploma in Basic English- Alison

Want to get better at speaking, reading and writing in English? If so, then this Diploma in Basic English course is just for you! Whether English is your home language or an additional language for you, doing this course will give you a great foundation of English grammar.

Google Digital Skills for Africa- Google

The Digital Skills for Africa initiative was set up by Google to help people who want to “get new skills for a digital world”. If you’re still in school, you may not know this but when you start looking for work (or even if you want to be an entrepreneur), you’ll need some basic digital skills and knowledge. You can learn these skills for free and at your own pace, so there’s no reason not to check this awesome site out!

Even if none of these courses sound like your vibe, you can always check out the sites and find a free course in just about any subject out there. Search Coursera, Alison, Open Culture, EdX and Open 2 Study- you’ll be surprised how many interesting things you can find!

We know that the last thing you may want to think about during your break is studying, but if you pick a course that you find interesting, you can learn at your own pace and feel ready to take on the school year when it arrives again! Even if you do just one free course over the holidays, that’s a great use of your time off and will develop important skills for you. Good luck and keep on learning!

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