Preparing a healthy lunch for school shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we’ve given you 5 really easy lunch ideas to make eating healthy less stressful.

Veggies & dip

This is one idea you can have loads of fun with. You can chop up some carrots, celery, cucumber and tomatoes the night before and make your own tasty dip out of mayonnaise, plain yoghurt and fresh or dry herbs. This can be eaten as a snack at second break, or you could make it more filling by adding broccoli, cauliflower and sausages to your lunchbox.

Leftover mincemeat toasties

Who doesn’t love a good toasted sandwich? This option is also quite versatile since you can use leftover beef, mince or even chicken. All you have to do is grate some cheese over the meat and pop it in the snackwich maker or sandwich grill. You could even take a small container of tomato sauce with you to dip your toastie in if that’s your thing!

Frozen Fruit smoothies

If you’re into fruit snacks and smoothies, this is the perfect option for you. Just chop up some fruit (literally any fruit you like), pop them into a blender and pour it into a plastic or Tupperware bottle. Leave the smoothie in the freezer overnight so that it stays fresh while you’re at school the next day.

French toast

French toast is really tasty and simple to make. It doesn’t have to be plain and boring either, since you can serve it with cheese, ham and even a dollop of strawberry jam! Also try adding different spices and herbs to your eggs to see if there’s a combo you like.

Mix and match

What do you do when have no idea what to take for lunch tomorrow? Throw everything into your lunch tin! Seriously, you’d be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy a mixed lunch box of crackers, cheese and some fruit. You could also add raw broccoli and sweet corn on the side and have a healthy picnic lunch for one.

There you have it — quick, easy and nutritious lunch ideas to get you through a week of school. You’ve really got no excuse to keep eating unhealthy foods that make you feel heavy and bloated all anymore!

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