Need to plan your Matric dance outfit but you’re feeling uninspired? Here are 5 creative, stylish and inspirational Matric dance dress ideas that can help you step out of the box.

Mix and match

Buying a separate top and bottom half of a dress is a great way to create a unique piece. Also, it’s more versatile- you could wear these pieces separately in future or even wear the top half to your afterparty. Play around with different pieces by mixing and matching, and you’ll be sure to end up with a one-of-a-kind outfit!

Ditch the dress

Feel like ditching the dress altogether? An elegant two-piece suit can look amazing at your Matric dance- especially if you’re on the taller side! Match it with a pair of heels and some gorgeous accessories, and you’ll stand out in style.

Express yourself

If your usual style isn’t glitter and frills, don’t feel forced to go that route for your Matric dance dress. Whether your style is alternative, hippy boho or even sporty, there are so many ways to incorporate your own identity into your Matric dance look!

Embrace your culture

No matter where you come from, we bet your traditional dress could be a stunning and authentic inspiration for your matric dance outfit. Embracing the beauty of your culture’s traditional colours, patterns and designs is a great way to feel more connected with your family, community and history, as well as show pride on your special evening.

Go vintage

Ever noticed how vintage fashion seems to make a comeback now and then? Whether it’s the beehive hair and skirts of the 60s or the grunge aesthetic of the 90s, old-school always comes back into style sooner or later. So, why not play around with fashion from a different era? Even better if you mix it up with a modern twist and make it your own!

Your matric dance is a great chance for you to express your own personality and unique style, as well as get creative in picking your outfit. No matter which look you decide to go for, remember to wear it with confidence and a smile!

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