What are some of the common but unquestioned statements you’ve heard about starting a business? Today, we’re busting 5 myths about being an entrepreneur and running a startup.

There’s endless freedom

Most people equate running your own business to having endless amounts of time that you can use which ever way you choose. And while this is partly true, what these people don’t know is that despite not having a boss who stipulates what they should be doing and when, entrepreneurs actually do have schedules and daily demands they need to meet. In fact, they are more likely to spend their “free” time working on their businesses.

You’re born with the entrepreneur mindset

A lot of people believe that people are born to be entrepreneurs and cannot learn to run successful businesses if it’s not in their blood. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of entrepreneurs who start businesses out of necessity find themselves doing things they never thought they’d be able to do simply by opening themselves up to gaining new skills. Anyone can start and run a business with the right mindset, opportunities and a bit of support.

You’ve got to be at a certain age

Another common misconception is that entrepreneurs can’t be young people - they’ve got to be older and more experienced to run successful start-ups. However, if you’ve been following our Inspiration section, you know that this isn’t true; there are high schoolers, varsity students and even young professionals who are running their own hustles. While having a bit of experience in the industry you’re planning to start your business in does help, it won’t determine the success or failure of that venture - you will.

All you need is a big, original idea

You’ve probably heard people talk about how all you need is one big, unique idea to flourish in the business world, but let’s be real here, original ideas are few and far between, and big ideas are often too complicated to turn into a reality. The truth is, you can have the smallest idea, or maybe even an adaptation to an existing product or service, execute it well and make some major money moves. Don’t let the quest for the next big idea intimidate you.

You won’t have a social life

The myth of the lonely entrepreneur is another one we couldn’t wait to bust! Running a business does not have to mean that you’ve got no friends and you can’t hang out with the people you love. It may be a little bit tricky to work around your schedules, but you can build lasting friendships and have a social life while running your business. As long as you’re putting in the work required, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a bit of fun every now and then.

People have lots of beliefs about starting businesses and sadly, a lot of them aren’t necessarily true. If there’s one thing that we encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to do, it’s putting their time into doing research instead of listening to what other people believe starting a business entails. And, for the things research can’t tell you, there’s always your inner voice of courage and determination.

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