5 careers in Computer Science worth checking out

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Do you absolutely love computers, but you’re a bit confused about which career path to take? We’ve found some great careers that you should consider in the Computer Science field. Check them out.

Software Developer

Are you curious about software and what each one is used for, or perhaps you’d like to create your own some day? If this sounds like you, you might be a Software Developer in the making. Software Developers create software that performs different functions on different devices, like computers and cellphones. They don’t only develop the software, but they test and maintain it as well.

Data Administrator

If you’re a problem solver and you consider yourself to be highly solution-based, then you should look into database administration. In this field, you’ll be tasked with correcting all database malfunctions, as well as developing and improving data resources used to store and get important information.

Computer Systems Analyst

This one is for pretty much anyone who’d rather live inside a computer than with the rest of us on planet earth. Computer Systems Analysts assess an organisation's computer systems and recommend changes to hardware and software to improve their computer experience, which in turn benefits the organisation. You must be really sharp and constantly on the ball in this field, since the world of digital is constantly evolving and improving.

Web Developer

We make use of websites every single day of our lives. Imagine you being a part of building something that we use everyday? Well, you can be. Web Developers develop the structure of websites and ensure that they’re easy for the everyday person to use. This is everything from the website’s functionality, right down to the way that it looks and ensuring that all of the site’s components work well together.

Information Security Analyst

Do you prioritise privacy and feel like we all deserve some kind of level of keeping things to ourselves, even digitally? You might be a born Information Security Analyst. Your mind probably went straight to cybersecurity, right? Yep. That’s pretty much what this is. This career involves the creation of systems that protect information networks and websites from cyberattacks. It involves a whole lot of research to help anticipate problems and have the necessary systems in place to prevent issues before they arise.

There are many career options relating to Computer Science, you just need to find one that works best for you. Choose a path suited to the kind of interest that you have in computers. Which other careers can you think of in this field? Tell us about them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - you might just help someone discover their dream job!

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