School is back on the agenda and we all know how crazy it can get right off the bat- so, being prepared for it is super important. You can’t go wrong if you start your term with these 5 back-to-school basics!

Dear Diary…

Keeping track of homework, exams and other events can get chaotic - this is why a diary is a must-have for school. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy either- you can decorate even a plain diary with your own pictures and stickers. Get into the habit of using it every day and you’ll be organised and stress-free!

Stationary Sorted

Not to be dramatic, but your pens will get stolen, they will get lost, and they will run out of ink- that’s just facts. Make sure you’re covered by stocking up on enough pens in the right colour (either blue or black depending on your school’s rules). Also make sure you’re buying pens that are comfortable to write with and don’t smudge too much- your teachers (and your future self) will thank you!

A ruler is another one of those things that is so simple, yet so genius. For everything from underlining dates and headings to other important info, having a ruler is a must. We recommend getting a smaller ruler that can easily fit into your pencil case- that way you’re less likely to lose it!

Online resources

Did you know that there are online resources that can help you get ahead at school? From templates to study guides, the earlier you get your hands on these documents, the better. You can download tons of resources for free in our downloads section.

Files for days

The teacher asks for your homework, and suddenly you’re trying to find the poor papers that are crumpled at the bottom of your bag because you stuffed them there in a hurry- don’t be that person! Get yourself a few files, colour-code them based on your subjects and you’re good to go!

Positive vibes

Starting school again can feel exciting and a bit scary- but one way to be sure you’ll have a good year is by getting an attitude upgrade. All that really means is smiling a little bit more, holding your head a little bit higher and promising yourself that you’ll have fun, no matter what. Your time at school is what you make it - so stay away from drama and negativity by focusing on your own grind.

There you have it - the top 5 basics that will have you ready for school! Of course, you may need to get other stationary depending on your school and subjects, but these basics are a great place to start. Good luck for your first day back at school!

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