Holidays are a time for fun and letting loose, so they can be the perfect opportunity to get romantic, but sometimes, holiday romances can get a bit awkward. Here are 5 such moments, and how you can navigate through them.

Things move too fast

Holiday romances can be fast-paced; that’s part of the excitement. But if your holiday bae is moving things too quickly, don’t be afraid to pump the brakes. The holidays may come and go, but there’s no need to rush into a serious relationship before you’ve gotten to know the person. Remember that once the year gets started, you’ll have a better idea of whether you’re a good fit for each other or not. Communicate your feelings and that you’d like to take things slow- a quality person will be patient.

You lose interest

Holiday romances are usually spontaneous and exciting, but this excitement can quickly wear off- especially once the holidays are over. If you’ve found yourself losing interest in your holiday flame, we understand that it can be hard to let them know- you don’t want to hurt their feelings after all. But honesty is the best policy when it comes to dating, because being upfront about your feelings is better than leading them on.

They ghost you

Emotions run high during holiday romances, so it’s not hard to fall for someone quite intensely. If this has happened to you, but you’ve noticed the person distancing themselves or ghosting you completely, it’s normal to feel upset. Remember that if it doesn’t work out then it wasn’t meant to be- and while it can be hard to move on, you deserve to and you’ll heal with time. Being ghosted can be quite a hurtful experience, so if you need some more advice on how to manage your emotions, read this article.

You have to see them on campus

If your holiday flame started and ended in a flash, then you might not want to bump into your ex-flame on campus. But if you study at the same place, it can sometimes happen. The way you react to this is all up to you, but remember that you don’t need to feel embarrassed and can easily remain friendly with them. If you’ve got any of the same classes with them, do your best to focus on your studies and get your work done- that will help both of you move forward.

You (or they) had too much to drink

If you’re of age, then having a drink or two over the holidays is okay. But we all know that drinking can sometimes get out of hand, leading to some awkward situations. Whether you or bae have had too much to drink (or you both have), in most cases it’s possible to make things right. If you said some things you didn’t mean, apologise and clarify things. If they did something you didn’t appreciate, let them know how it made you feel and take things from there. Take the experience as a lesson, and learn how to enjoy yourself safely by reading these tips.

Whether you’re having a romance over the holidays or at any other time of the year, remember that communication is key. You shouldn’t do anything you don’t want to do, just to be with someone. Enjoy your romances, and trust the process- if something didn’t work out, there was probably a good reason why.

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