You spend about three-quarters of your day at work. It’s important that you experience your workplace environment as a peaceful and growth building place where you can complete your day-to-day tasks and feel good about yourself. Here are 4 ways you can take care of your mental health work.

Cultivate healthy relationships with your co-workers

You spend most of your day with your co-workers, so it’s good idea to build decent relationships with them. Show empathy and compassion towards your colleagues. Greet everyone and treat each person with respect.

Avoid gossip and conspiring behaviour. Instead, try to resolve misunderstandings quickly. This will help you keep the peace and help you focus your interactions around work-related concerns.

Maintain healthy boundaries

While you want to be a team player, it’s also important that you know your boundaries. There’s no use in accepting a lot of responsibilities if you’re unable to meet them. Learn to say no, when you don’t have the capacity to take on more work.

When in comes to your colleagues, understand that your relationship is centred around work. This doesn’t mean that genuine friendships can’t develop at work, but don’t make that your main focus. Be able to separate your personal relationships from work-related relationships.

Take time off

Remember to take time off from work. Switch off from work after you’ve knocked off. Take this time to focus on your own life and personal needs. This will help you get energised by other activities that you enjoy.

When you feel burnt out, take leave. Take time to rest your mind and body. You need time away from work to refocus.

Ask for help or support

We encourage you to speak up when you have a problem, instead of sitting and suffering in silence. Approach your human resources (HR) department with issues that you’re a facing. The HR professional is someone who can help organise the support you need to help you function optimally at work.

While your job is a source of income, it shouldn’t come at the cost of your mental health. Use these tips to care for your mental health at work- it’s your most important priority. Remember, you can always reach out to us on AskCellCgirl for free, confidential advice any time.

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