We’re almost at the end of the year, and end-of-year party season will soon be upon us. While this is a time to enjoy all the work you and your colleagues put in this year, let’s not forget about the pandemic and restrictions. Here are 4 safe ideas for you to suggest to your team for your year-end party.

Outdoor activities

If you prefer to meet up with your colleagues, then outdoor activities are a great way to do so safely. This is because you can keep a social distancing in a well-ventilated space. You can suggest this to your team and then let everyone have an input as to what kind of outdoor activity you can all enjoy. It can be a picnic at a botanical garden, lunch at a national park, etc. This is a great option if your team has been working from home full-time.

Virtual party

You can suggest a virtual party, where you all choose a theme, dress up and chill. This is a fun and safe way to check up on everyone at the end of the year. You can all stay safe, but still unwind and celebrate all your team’s hard work without being overly formal.

Virtual awards ceremony

A virtual awards ceremony is a cool way to show everyone that their hard work is noticed. You can suggest this by asking everyone to award another member with recognition. This will help the team members reflect on the year, and let their teammates feel appreciated and seen.

Employee gifting

Depending on your employer’s budget, you can suggest that instead of spending money on an actual event, they can just send all their employees a gift box. If there isn’t much of a budget, then maybe each team member can buy a gift for someone else (similar to a Secret Santa). Then you can have a virtual party where everyone unwraps their gift box so that all the team members can see what each teammate received. This is an easy way for your teammates to feel special while celebrating one another.

It’s important to celebrate the end of the year with your colleagues because after all, a lot has happened during the year. Some things can cause friction between some team members and at times, you can get caught up in the work and forget to create a bond. So, come together and celebrate your team’s hard work by partying as hard as you work.

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