New year, new opportunities! Here are 4 resolutions that’ll help you make career moves in 2022.

Start a mentorship programme

Mentorship programmes allow you to network with all the right people and have a sense of direction. It’s always nice to have a mentor to steer you in the right direction when you really need it, and in the corporate world, that’s exactly what mentorship programmes do. They also provide useful resources to help get you to where you want to be in your career.

Get an internship or freelance gig

Many companies are open to providing internships where young professionals are given the opportunity to be hands on in their careers, while learning and earning a salary. If you’re past the point of interning and you already working part or full-time, why not give freelancing a shot? More experience is always of value, so take the first step!

Trust yourself and your skills

Chances are that most career opportunities you get as a young professional will be at the most junior level in the company. But that’s okay, we all have to start somewhere! If you happen to be offered a chance to do more challenging or unfamiliar work, take it and trust that you’ll be outstanding at it as you are at everything else. There’s always room to grow so trust the process and set your mind to proving yourself.

Get involved in bigger projects

Although some employers or senior employees don’t always feel comfortable handing big projects to junior staff, you can always ask them how you can assist. This is a great way for you to level up in your career and secure your spot, especially if one of your new years resolutions for your career is getting that promotion. Setting SMART resolutions will help you clearly define the growth you’d like to see in 2022. Which ones will you be setting for yourself in the new year? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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