This month is the perfect month to recognise all the hard working women we know of. Here are a few ladies we’d like to send a big shout-out to this Women’s Month. We hope that hearing their stories will inspire you to also want to go out into the world, and reach every single one of your dreams. Take a read.

Soukaina Bouba Dalil

Soukaina, the founder and CEO of Energie d’Afrique in Cameroon, is an engineer specialising in renewable energy. She saw a need in her region and used that as an opportunity for her entrepreneurial endeavour. Her company, founded in 2018, may be young and still on its come-up, but it seems to be very promising and on its way to success. Energie d’Afrique aims to solve the problem of energy supply by developing simpler systems. We appreciate the work that you’re doing for the Central African sub-region and we hope you continue to inspire other young female engineers!

Lilian Makoi

MipangoApp is a financial app founded by Lilian Makoi from Tanzania. This app is used by Tanzanian financial institutions to not only help manage money, but to also assist with data analysis, financial education and recommendations for software development. Lilian felt that there’s not enough financial education in Africa, especially Tanzania, and that this had resulted in people having bad spending habits. This young entrepreneur has founded and is running many successful businesses in the technology sector, and strongly believes in using technology to improve lives. Big ups to you, sis! You’re a true inspiration.

Reneë Beck

Reneë Beck believes in women just as much as we do. She’s the founder of Pink Lemon, a personal growth and business development company in South Africa that aims to provide women with insightful and inspiring content to improve their business journeys. Pink Lemon is great for those women who’d like to tap into their entrepreneurial element. Pink Lemon hosts events, development programs and exposes young women to some of the things they can expect once their businesses take off. We appreciate the skills and growth you’re offering to women, and we hope that, like you, they’ll pay it forward!

Tshegofatso Moatswi

The Wire Media Agency was founded by Tshegofatso Moatswi in 2013. This IT company offers transformational technology to companies in Botswana, something that Tshego felt was a need in her country. She believes that technology in her country isn’t on the same level as other neighbouring countries, and was determined to change that. She also strongly believes in maintaining a happy and satisfied team in order to give her clients the best services. Your love for creating a healthy work culture for your employees, as well as the hard work you’ve put into putting your country on the map doesn’t go unnoticed! We’re proud of you, girl!

We always love to highlight and share the stories of women who are making a difference in the world. We hope this makes you realise the validity of your dreams and makes you dream way beyond the usual. If you know of any more success stories of women in entrepreneurship, share them with us on our socials Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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