Personal brands are becoming a necessity in the modern-day working world, but what is a personal brand and do you really need one? We’ve got the low-down.

What it is

A personal brand refers to the way in which you promote yourself. It involves things such as highlighting the best aspects of your personality and abilities. Depending on your industry, your personal brand may include your CV, portfolio, a website, social media pages or even a logo.

Do you need one?

When it comes to having a personal brand, most professionals (regardless of their industry) have one - whether they’re aware of it or not. Your personal brand can impact your career, whether you’re working for a company, or are self-employed as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. It’s up to you whether you’ll take control of your own personal brand, or let it be an afterthought, which may make finding opportunities and growing as a professional difficult.

Start online

Today, you have many new tools at your disposal that professionals didn’t back in the day. Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are some of the easiest ways for you to promote your personal brand to potential employers, clients and others in your industry.

It’s not just for the employed

Personal brands are important to all professionals, whether they’re currently employed or still on the job hunt. You can also start developing your brand as early as varsity. A strong personal brand helps you stand out from other candidates, and even your fellow co-workers. If you’re a professional in today’s world, you can benefit from building and maintaining your personal brand both online as well as offline.

Are you ready to start building your brand? Prepare by taking the Take a Girl Child to Work Day Online Programme. The courses in this free programme will help you discover your career path, and prepare for the working world by developing the skills you need. Each course takes about 1,5 hours and you get a certificate of completion at the end every course you complete. This will help you understand what your personal brand is and how you can use your strengths to stand out.

In order to grow as a professional, you’ll need some kind of personal branding. Thankfully, you’ve now got the know-how and free resources you can use to help get you there. Good luck!

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