Nothing sucks more than walking into a toxic workplace every morning and ending each workday feeling drained and discouraged. But don’t despair - this isn’t a permanent situation and there are ways to cope while working in even the most unbearable spaces.

Change your mindset

If you’ve tried (and failed) to make changes to the situation, then it’s time to look at your mindset. Choosing to be more positive means ignoring any negativity, complaints and even gossip - choose to focus on the things you can be grateful for, like a steady income, your health, having a roof over your head etc. The more you focus on gratitude, the less time you’ll have to think about everything that’s not going well. We know this is difficult at first, but positive thinking is a habit and once you’re used to it, you’ll never get caught in the negativity trap again.

Focus on self-improvement

Even in the worst circumstances, there are ways to improve your skills and knowledge. Have you thought about taking up a course or acquiring a new skill? Find something that allows you to channel most of your energy into bettering yourself and it’ll give you something new to look forward to every day.

It’s okay to vent (outside of work)

Although getting involved in office gossip is off-limits, you are allowed to vent to someone who doesn’t work with you every now and then. Talking to a friend, family member or bae can help you gain a new perspective on things and feel a bit lighter. You don’t want to complain all the time, though, since this can put a downer on whoever’s listening.

Find ways to stay inspired

Staying motivated is a choice, and it’s one that you’ve got to make daily if you’re working in a place that’s toxic. Find activities, books and websites that help you stay inspired. A good place to start is CellCgirl’s Inspiration section, which is packed with inspiring quotes and stories from ordinary individuals who choose to do extraordinary things.

Map your escape

No one wants to work at a place they hate forever, which is why you need to start planning your way out. Keep your ear on the ground for any new posts that match your skillset and keep your CV updated for opportunities that come up. Another good way to create opportunities for yourself is through networking and meeting new people.

We know that working in an unhealthy environment can be disheartening, but it’s important to see this as an impermanent challenge that you can overcome. You don’t need to do this alone, though, we’re here to help if you need advice, tips or even just an ear.

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