Whether you’re looking to move from your current job, or are unemployed at the moment and have been struggling to land a job offer for a while, it might be helpful to look into your habits on social media and if they could be contributing to this. Here are just some habits that could be standing between you and that offer of employment.

Do you complain about your boss?

It’s no secret, some bosses can be really difficult to work for and if you’re unlucky enough to have a boss who mistreats you and abuses their power, you probably find yourself needing to vent at the end of every workday. We get it. But, unfortunately, your future employer isn’t going to be very understanding if you’re constantly tweeting about how much you hate your current boss or your colleagues. It only makes you look petty and unprofessional - so don’t do it!

Are you making offensive comments?

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but some opinions are better shared with people in your tight circle rather than your Facebook wall. We don’t condone anyone making comments that are nasty or hateful in any setting, though, so we hope this isn’t the case. However, if you have some controversial views that you’re dying to offload, then don’t do it where they can be misconstrued and potentially harm your chances of getting a job.

Are there pics of you posing with alcohol?

If you’re someone who enjoys having a drink or two when you go out, then you might want to check that you don’t have any pictures of said drink(s) on your social media. We know that there’s nothing wrong with having some (safe) fun, and a cocktail with friends isn’t something to call the police about, but unless you’re applying for a job as a bartender, you don’t want pics of these cocktails all over your timeline.

Dare to overshare?

Some people really don’t mind going into really fine detail about everything that’s happened in their day. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but oversharing isn’t always appropriate and it can make people feel a little bit uncomfortable while going through your feed. We’re not saying you should give your whole personality an overhaul, but try to hold back a little bit when you’re posting to your public social media profiles.

Is your lack of social media profiles costing you the job you want?

So this may sound a little weird, but some employers actually won’t hire you if you’re not on social media. This is probably because it’s 2019 and people who don’t belong to some sort of digital community may appear a little bit dodgy. We’re not saying this is fair, but it’s understandable that employers want to get to know you beyond the words on your CV or how you answered questions during your interview. They want to know what kind of person you are, whether you have hobbies, if you really enjoy reading like you said, and if you’ve got the type of personality they’re looking for.

Although a lot of people feel it’s unfair for employers to check out a candidate’s social media profiles before hiring them, some recruiters do this as a way of getting to know the person a bit better so they can decide whether or not they’ll be a good fit for their specific work environment. So, if you’re trying to find work and you’re guilty of the social media mishaps we’ve mentioned above, then it might be a good idea to do a bit of a clean up.

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