Despite what glossy magazines and fancy shops would have you believe, looking professional doesn’t need to cost you a lot. How can you make your hard-earned cash go further when you’re building your work wardrobe? Here are a few tips.

Plan it out

Before you set out to buy any clothing for work, take some time to think about exactly what you’re in need of. Planning your purchases beforehand will help you avoid buying unnecessary pieces, and it will give you a better idea of what outfits you can create with a small range of items. It’s also important for you to know exactly what your work’s dress code is- otherwise, you may end up buying pieces that aren’t really appropriate for your environment.

Back to basics

When it comes to work attire, the simpler the better. Basics such as a white button-up shirt and black pants look great with anything, and are appropriate for most professional spaces. You can always express yourself with an interesting accessory, make up or a jewellery piece, so avoid purchasing eccentric items (such as colourful prints) unless you’re positive you’ll be wearing them often.

Thrift and charity shops

Many second-hand shops have a variety of work-appropriate clothing to choose from at great prices. There are some real hidden gems at these shops, so give them a visit and see what you can find there before heading to the mall for your work attire. Common items you can expect to find at second hand, charity and Hospice shops are smart pants, blazers and blouses.


Chances are, you know at least one person who has work attire that they no longer wear for one reason or another. Maybe they no longer fit in the items, or they no longer work etc. Ask your friends and family if they have any work appropriate clothes. If they’re your style and size, then rocking a hand-me-down is perfect!

There you have it- just a few ways to build your professional wardrobe without spending unnecessary cash. Remember to wear your outfit with confidence, no matter where you got it from. Eventually, you’ll be able to afford to spoil yourself but for now, be proud that you’re on your grind and that the work you’re doing is speaking for itself.

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