Dancer, actress and model Maddie Ziegler may have gotten a head start on the hit TV show Dance Moms, but make no mistake- the 16 year old celeb’s success is a result of her insane work ethic and a passion for reaching the top in everything she does. Want to know more about her? Read on!

Fitness fact 

Because she’s a dancer, Maddie’s fitness and health have always been important to her and she’s been able maintain healthy habits from a young age. She’s shared in the past that dance requires staying in shape- which means finding a healthy balance when it comes to her weight. One of her favourite snacks is fruit, which is a much healthier alternative to sweets.

How she glows 

In 2017, Maddie shared her nighttime skincare routine on her YouTube channel. She starts by using Neutrogena makeup-remover wipes to remove her make-up, followed by Garnier Micellar Water to remove any leftover makeup residue. Next, she uses a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser to wash her face. She then uses a toner to minimise pores and help with texture. Because her skin is prone to breakouts, she also uses Ciclopirox Gel on her problem areas.

Steal her style

Maddie likes keeping her style simple and sporty. When she isn’t in the dance studio, she prefers wearing comfy clothes she can relax in. She’s also a huge fan of baseball tees, as well as denim jackets and shorts. Maddie uses fashion to express herself and says she picks the colours she wears based on her mood. She even has her own fashion line called Maddie, which launched in 2017. The line reflects her casual style, so you might want to check their Insta page to get some style inspo.

Why she’s a Flame

"Losing is not a good feeling, but I don't ever lose anyway.”

Maddie isn’t afraid to show confidence and know her worth. She’s always pushing herself further, working tirelessly to perfect her talents and crafts. However, just because she’s confident doesn’t mean she’s nasty to others. She stays humble, and has shown a lot of love and support to her fans and aspiring dancers over the years (even though she’s only 16!).

Dance Moms fans will know that although she has a desire to reach the top, she’s also always ready to give a helping hand to those who need it. Her passion for what she does and her down-to-earth attitude make her a Flame for sure!

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