Periods can be stressful, especially if they catch you off-guard while you’re in class or out with friends. Having a period pack in your bag will give you the confidence to go about your daily life without those time-of-the-month worries.

Sanitary product of choice

The first thing you need in your pack is your sanitary product of choice. This could be either pads, tampons, your DivaCup or any other product you find comfortable to use. If you use disposable products make sure you pack enough, since the last thing you’d want is to run out of them! Always pack one more than you think you’ll need.

Wet wipes

Feminine wipes are a great way to freshen up during the day when you’re on your period. Baby wipes are also great for keeping your hands clean as well. Just remember not to use any scented wipes down there, as they could disrupt your pH balance!

Any medication you need

If you get bad menstrual cramps or suffer from other issues during that time of the month (such as a runny tummy or nausea) and need medication to manage those symptoms, be sure to have these meds in your period pack. That way, you know where to find them when you need them.

Spare pair of panties

Having a clean pair of panties in your period pack just in case a leak happens will give you peace of mind. We also recommend using darker colour panties during that time- black ones are the best! It’s also good to have a zip-lock bag to pack your stained panties into. This will keep them separate and cover up any smell until you can get home and wash them.

A period tracker

Whether you want to track your cycle using a calendar, diary or a period tracking app, getting into the habit of doing this will help you get in tune with your body’s monthly changes as well as avoid any not-so-fun surprises. There are a number of apps you can download for free to help you do this, and they’re available for both iOS and Android devices.

Putting together a period pack will help you feel confident that you’re prepared at all times. Your period pack doesn’t have to be too big- in fact, the smaller, the better, so it can fit into whichever bag you’re using for the day. As long as you have these 5 things in it, you’ll be good to go!

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