What to do if a prefect is picking on you

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We all know that one prefect who has let their power and status get to their head. Is there anything you can do if they decide to pick on you? There is! Read on for advice.

Identify it

First things first, identify whether this prefect is bullying you, or just being strict. Remember that prefects need to enforce the rules, so them giving you a punishment for breaking a school rule may not necessarily mean they’re picking on you. However, if a particular prefect (or group of prefects) seem to target you unnecessarily, then something is probably up. Assess the situation and be honest with yourself before you decide to take it further.

Record it

Keeping a record or “paper trail” is important when dealing with someone who’s abusing their power to target you. Keep any detention or demerit slips you may have, as well as any other evidence of your interactions with the prefect (this can include recordings as well as eye witnesses). Remember that the more evidence you have, the easier it will be for you to prove your story to the school.

Stay sharp

The prefect may try to manipulate you by using the school rules or their authority to make you feel as though you’re in the wrong. When this happens, learn to identify it and fact-check, instead of taking what they say at face value. If they’re in the wrong, they’re in the wrong - their status as a prefect doesn’t excuse their bad behaviour. At the end of the day they’re still students who must abide by the school rules themselves.

Stand your ground

Don’t allow the prefect’s position in the school intimidate you. They may be above you in terms of grade and title, but they are definitely not allowed to be bullies. If you know you’re in the right, don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

Keep calm

Don’t let any of your interactions with the prefect escalate into an altercation- getting into an argument will likely get you into trouble. Rather, keep calm when addressing the situation. Don’t raise your voice, take a few deep breaths if you need to and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Speak to an adult

If you feel comfortable opening up to a teacher, then that may be one of your best options. If not, then speaking to any adult you trust is a necessary step forward. Let your parents know what’s going on, and don’t be scared to get them involved if need be.

Everyone may want to be one but unfortunately, some people can’t handle the responsibilities that come with being a prefect. If you’re caught in a situation where a prefect is abusing their power, remember to keep calm, be firm and not be afraid to voice your concerns to the school.

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